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Rand Mcnally Dock - GPS Tracking Software

  If in search of a Global Positioning System, it can be a benefit to opt for a system that integrates into a handheld palm pilot or similar system. Perfect for those that already own a PDA device. After all, what is the point of a GPS navigator if you do not actually have it with you? For sure, a car-mounted unit is ideal when you are on the move, but not so good if for example - a rental car is a necessity, or if you enjoy the outdoors and involved in a recreational pursuit. In these situations, a portable or hand-held GPS system can be the ideal accessory. Of course, there is a variety of GPS tracking software packages, many with similar features, but prior to committing to one, it can pay to do some research. Here are some of the popular GPS software packages - Rand McNally's Street Finder is one of the most famous packages. Split in two distinct ways - either displays a map that had previously been entered on the system, or switches to a scheduled route and follows t